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Jumat, 29 April 2016

Contoh pidato dalam bahasa inggris dan artinya

Pidato Dalam Bahasa Inggris - Pidato adalah sarana untuk memberikan informasi islami bagi pendengarnya. Biasanya pidato sering ditemukan dalam sebuah acara - acara islami ataupun acara resmi. Pada kesempatan yang baik ini admin mencoba memberikan 1 referensi contoh padato dalam bahasa inggris dan artinya.

Pidato Dalam Bahasa Inggris

#Tema Narkoba
Good afternoon.
I would like to thank for all the attendees who have provided an opportunity for me to stand in this pulpit. Let us give thanks to God for the permission so we are able to follow this great event.

 Drug is a term that is so popular in Indonesia and the world. In Indonesian, we know drugs Alaihi Salam Narkoba which stands for narcotic, psychotropic and addictive. Drugs are commonly known AS shabu and ectasy. Both substances are widely used by middle and high school students. However, many adults also consume it, because we often see on the television that adults are arrested by the police because they were using ectasy.

Drug manufacturers realize that consumers do not like the expensive price. Therefore, in order to promote the drug wider, then a lot of low-grade heroin is produced. Even though known AS heroin, it has lower-priced, and may also give the death effect to the drug user.
The presence of drugs that have a low price can be seen in a lot of places. At the first time, we encounter drug users only in nightclubs or discotheques, now they are increasingly widespread. You can find low-grade heroin even in isolated villages. It proves that drug users continue to increase every year and this is a terrible fact.

Of course, a very broad spread of drug impact on all circle of life. Currently, the youth with the teen years are wasted their life by taking drugs. They use drugs for many reasons. Most young people who use drugs are the teenagers who do not get the attention of their parents. Somewhere in Indonesia, the data showed that three out of ten young people are drug users. Meanwhile, the data for all of the area in Indonesia shows that from the 50 Indonesian is at least one person ever tasted the drug.

A study conducted by the ILO or the International Labor Organization said that about 4 percent of drug users in Indonesia is a juvenile under the age of 17 years. It is a fact that we should ponder. Indonesia is a big country and has the potency to become a developed country. But how Indonesia can be a developed country if its young people use drugs?

In fact, several teens are involved in the manufacture and trade of the drugs even when they were 13 or 15 years old. The fact is reinforced by the statement of National Narcotics Coordinating Agency which revealed that drug users Indonesia numbered about 7,000 from junior high school students, more than 10,000 from senior high school students, and about 800 from elementary school students. The data is very poor and I personally will not able to imagine if the drug use continues to rise again and again.

Besides the affordable prices, what really makes the students in Indonesian are easy to get drugs? People who use drugs usually want to have fun or escape from the problems of life. Most likely, the students in Indonesia use drugs because they are ostracized by their families or their families are broken home. Thus, they are reluctant to stay at home and prefer to have fun by using drugs.

Besides those reasons, students can use drugs easily because a number of merchants are closely to the schools to deceive, to coerce, or to give the drugs freely for the students around the school. When the students are addicted to drugs, then the merchant will not allow them to get it free. They have to buy with the high prices.

All the facts that I have given you, have shown that the drug is very close to the lives of us especially the young people. In fact, when people consume drugs consistently, the brain function can be damaged and certainly exacerbate the future.

Let us keep ourselves and our families from illegal drugs. When you have a teenager, then pay attention to their physical and spiritual needs AS well. Never give them the opportunity to use drugs.

Those are the facts and the suggestions that I can tell, I apologize if there are mistakes in speaking. I thank you for your attention.

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